Innovating for Tomorrow's Space Age

Innovating for Tomorrow’s Space Age

Heron Systems is partnering with DARPA to develop real-time, interlinked testing capabilities for America’s space systems laboratories.  

Heron Systems is proud to announce the award of a Phase 1 SBIR contract with DARPA and the Army Contracting Command – Aberdeen Proving Ground.  Heron engineers are working to design and demonstrate an open source software architecture capable of empowering real-time, non-latent, N-DOF operations across multiple geographically disparate test facilities.  If successful, this project will enable next generation ground based testing of spacecraft under development and training for advanced spacecraft rendezvous and docking maneuvers.

Heron Systems is partnering with the University of Maryland’s Space Systems Laboratory and Dr. David Akin on this effort.  Dr. Akin will work with Heron Engineers to develop the dynamic equations of motion and necessary data fusion algorithms required by this problem.