Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Ensuring excellence in all we do, and striving to continually improve. 

Heron Systems has developed and implemented several methods for monitoring and ensuring quality in both the short term and over the long term. These methods span the entire breadth and depth of the organization, from continuing organizational process improvement programs to engineering quality control metrics. Due to these efforts, Heron Systems has been recognized by government customers for quality of service and the strength of products, most recently by PMA 231, the NAWCAD Commander’s Award, and a NAWCAD Innovation Award.

Quality assurance at Heron Systems is based upon a continual process of iterative review, improvement, and workforce learning. To facilitate this process, management engages in both ongoing and scheduled reviews of individual performance, company performance, and management effectiveness.  These processes are supplemented by data gathering tools at all levels of the organization.  Within project teams, Heron Systems project managers are required to implement processes using the Software Engineering Institutes’ Capability Maturity Model.

Management has delivered several tools to its project managers to assist quality assurance and performance tracking. Principle among these tools are software bug and enhancement request tracking systems. Project managers use these tools to gather data about individual component performance and overall engineer performance. Furthermore, these tools allow government customers and Heron Systems engineers to engage in a collaborative error discovery and change request effort, often resulting in better targeted work.  Other tools include project management systems, a corporate intranet, automated data backup and archiving systems, and a document delivery and version control system.  In sum, these tools allow employees to communicate better, integrate their work efficiently, and track the team effort.

Yearly reviews provide known, scheduled opportunities to realign individual performance with corporate quality assurance goals. Each employee is reviewed within 30 days of the anniversary of their employment at Heron Systems. This review is conducted by their immediate supervisor, usually their project manager, and consists of three parts, an employee input form, a performance evaluation, and a meeting with management. The goals of the review process are to critique on-going performance while also creating regular opportunities to communicate with staff management’s expectations and goals.

In addition to individual reviews, Heron Systems maintains a project specifically chartered to monitor quality within the organization and implement process improvements in areas where quality can be bettered.   This project is required to report quarterly to management.