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Location Aware Applications & Indoor Wayfinding

Heron Systems has developed a modern approach to help people navigate within cluttered, complicated environments (e.g. hospitals). Incorporating modern web and mobile technologies, we put intuitive location-based applications in the palm of your hand to enhance user experiences in defined spaces.

Machine Learning

Using modern machine learning techniques, Heron Systems has developed a software package to reduce sensor error in complex systems. A “man-in-the-middle” design preserves current data formats to not disrupt existing hardware/software architectures which eliminates the need for re-engineering before performance gains can be realized.


We have developed software architectures capable of handling multi-agent operations and dynamic hardware-in-the-loop testing. Heron Systems is at the forefront of bringing research in the multi-vehicle collaboration domain into practical applications.

Test & Evaluation

Heron Systems offers more than 20 years of experience supporting all military services with a proven track record in operational test and evaluation (OT&E) services. Our innovative software solutions provide unprecedented testing capabilities, increasing the fidelity of benchtop and live fire testing operations for the warfighter. Our test and evaluation expertise stretches from the initial test environment design through systems integration and flight testing.

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