Heron Systems Receives Rapid Innovation Fund to Mature IDR for Fleet

Heron Systems has been awarded a Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) contract from the Naval Aviation Systems Command under the sponsorship of PMA 231. The funding will facilitate the transition of the IDR technology for the use in the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye. The system provides automatic bias recognition and reduction in the APY-9 radar facilitating improved detection and tracking of targets of interest.

IDR uses collected radar data, aircraft state, and environmental factors to build dynamic models of radar performance. Using machine learning, predictive models are generated to automatically recognize and correct systemic radar biases. Teamed with an active data feedback and model update regime, IDR creates a nimble, flexible solution that is adaptive to the evolution of the aircraft, environment, mission, and other changes.

Under this contract, Heron Systems will integrate the IDR software into the APY-9 Radar. Performance will be measured via testing in Lockheed Martin’s System Integration Laboratory as well as several flight tests at NAS Patuxent River. The objective of the contract is to transition IDR into the E-2D as part of a planned radar software update in late 2019.

The algorithms enabling IDR can be applied to other use cases. Direct Navy applications include improvement of sonar systems, especially multi-static arrays. Other promising avenues include applications in robotics where multiple sensors are relied upon for establishing situational awareness. Heron Systems is continuing to investigate these applications as we commercialize IDR.

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