Hawkeye is a flight service coupled with a mobile application that aims to increase situational awareness of a site through aerial surveying and intelligent data presentation. With aerial imagery, you can identify what is happening at your sites and discover issues before they become a crisis. With the mobile application, Hawkeye allows users to monitor ongoing progress against historical information and adapt accordingly. As your site changes, new information can be distributed to workers to provide geo-referenced tasks and new insights can be shared throughout your organization.


  • Aerially survey your location at a price point lower than previously possible using drones.

  • Import data from third party sources and display that data in the app

  • Take and overlay geo-referenced notes (e.g. photo, measurements, etc.) onto your maps, giving you a ground-level view of your site details at your fingertips

  • Annotated maps provide actionable intelligence about your sites to reveal opportunities you can exploit. You will always know what is happening and can create a record for future use

  • Communicate insights with your team and with your customers to keep them informed and open a vital feedback mechanism