Modeling and Simulation

Heron Systems develops models, simulations, emulators and other tools that support platform development and testing, advanced concept research, wargames, and other avionic support missions.

Models and simulations can provide decision makers, engineers, and users with significant capability while reducing development cost, program risk, and resource requirements. Heron Systems provides solutions that simulate mission performance, system and sub-system performance in both local and distributed environments.

Heron Systems’ solutions include:

  • Avionic models: Heron Systems personnel apply their aerospace system subject matter expertise to develop flight and navigation models.  These models are used to stimulate avionic system components in a laboratory environment in support of flight testing, joint interoperability testing, and advanced concept development.  To date, Heron Systems has developed models for the E-2C, E-2D, SH-60B, SH-60R, and FireScout UAV.
  • Sensor models: Heron Systems develops sensor models of varying fidelity to support laboratory testing and advanced concepts research.  These models support system and component testing, interoperability testing, software performance analysis, and distributed simulation events.  Heron Systems has developed models to support the full range of sensor systems, including radar, IFF, EW, and Sonar.
  • Threat simulation: Heron Systems develops high fidelity models in support of the Next Generation Threat System (NGTS).  This system provides a synthetic, virtual environment to various Navy and Air Force programs in support of manned flight simulation and other program testing.