DARPA seeks to develop a theater-wide, Joint All-domain Warfighting Software (JAWS) suite that orchestrates resources to maximize the efficiency and resiliency of kill webs. Traditional highly centralized approaches for holistic resource management remain brittle with a future anticipated emphasis of potential adversaries targeting communication, command, and control infrastructures. JAWS seeks to develop novel approaches that provide comprehensive battlespace awareness and assurance of mission success in a contested environment along with tools encompassing target search through battle damage assessment at a faster decision rate than before. 

Sensors, weapons, and decision makers are not assumed to be colocated, and the goal is to develop a dynamic coordination mechanism managing the kill webs across the battlespace. Understanding that the sensing, communication, and weapon tasking is an optimization with spatiotemporal implications that vary depending upon the domain of activity. JAWS shall leverage dynamic teaming and machine-to-machine interfaces in order to enable a spectrum of centralized and distributed planning and executing combinations dependant upon the breadth and depth available to the operator within the echelon. JAWS will be able to develop the enabling software for the warfighter to adaptively setup and execute synchronized kill webs encompassing the undersea, sea surface, land, air, space, and electromagnetic domains. 

Our Role and Contributions

Heron Systems Inc is acting as a primary subcontractor for the collective Systems & Technologies Research (STR) team. Our unique team combination brings together advanced AI technologies with significant domain knowledge and experience. Heron’s solution space derives from previous DARPA programs to address technical areas including orchestration services and predictive analytical services. Within orchestration services, our goal is to address custody, a measure of the fraction of targets tracked within a given (parametric) volume of uncertainty. For predictive analytics, HSI is bringing its AI technologies to generate online predictions of how threat, allied, neutral, and own force entities act and respond to their current situational awareness. Predictive analytics provide an ability to quantify questions from all elements within orchestration services to refine their optimization problem and update accompanying action policies. Lastly, HSI brings significant simulation environment experience in developing necessary “plug-in” components and architecture design elements to support AI technological development and evaluation for JAWS. 

Industry Partners