Lassie is an application that makes medical care a more personalized experience. The Lassie product suite consists of four components: Virtual Medical Concierge powered by Lassie, Lassie Staff, Lassie Analytics, and Lighthouse Console.  Lassie leverages the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon technology. Beacons are small wireless devices that broadcast signals using the BLE standard. Lassie listens for these signals and knows exactly where patients and hospital staff are in real-time. The application then facilitates mobile interactions such as patient check in, point to point navigation, form transmission/receipt and surveys.

Virtual Medical Concierge powered by Lassie

Virtual Medical Concierge is the patient facing mobile application for iOS and Android. The BLE beacons and mobile application were deployed in Walter Reed National Memorial Medical Center in Bethesda, MD in 2017. The application includes a pan-able, zoom-able map paired with a blue dot depiction of the user’s current location. Location aware search provides quick access to nearby services, resources, and points of interest. A user can navigate from point to point in the facility with real-time turn-by-turn directions overlaid on the map. Content can be delivered, based on their location, to the user in the form of messages and push notifications. There is also an optional feature for users to request assistance from a staff member.

EHR Integration with Cerner

A user can create an account within the mobile app and connect their Cerner account to their profile. By connecting their profile to their Cerner account, they can view the following from Cerner: Patient Records, Appointments, Immunization Records, Care Plans, Conditions, Observations, and Procedures.

Lassie Staff

Lassie Staff is a clone of the Virtual Medical Concierge patient app with some added features. The staff app features a more detailed map that includes room level detail, real-time chat between staff members, enhanced hospital directory including staff members, ability to respond and act on assistance requests made by patients in the patient app.

Analytics Console

The Analytics Console is a web based console that displays data provided by the patient app. It provides management high level views on how the app is being used by users. It includes a dashboard of daily events, users, new users, and feedback submissions and anonymous user tracking and behavior information overlaid on a campus map.

Lighthouse Console

The content in the apps can be managed using the Lighthouse console. The Lighthouse console is a web based content management system that allows administrators to interact directly with the map to add, edit, and manipulate content.


  • Pannable, zoomable, detailed map of the entire hospital paired with a Blue-Dot depiction of your current location

  • Location aware search provides users with quick access to services and resources

  • Turn-by-turn directions to any destination in the hospital

  • Timely, relevant messages and announcements to keep users informed and alert to enhanced care opportunities during their visit

  • Complete hospital directory of clinics and services where users can easily look-up their destination and find all of the information they need at their fingertips

Ongoing Research

  • Enhanced patient services and automation
    • Lassie is evolving to become a true medical care concierge. In the coming months the app will support appointments, patient profiles, check-in/check-out, and more. Stay tuned.


The experience for patients, visitors and doctors in modern hospitals is often inefficient and frustrating. Temporary guests are asked to navigate large, labyrinth buildings, with limited guidance; patients are subject to time-consuming, paper-based check-in and registration processes; and medical professionals become frustrated as appointments are missed or waiting times prove difficult to manage.


Heron Systems developed a software suite consisting of mobile and web-based applications in order to enhance the hospital visitor experience by providing turn-by-turn navigation and context based notifications.


Lassie provides a simple user experience for all patients, visitors, and staff in the hospital.