Modern aircraft and other complex systems embed diagnostic tests and sensors to provide maintenance and operations crew with vital information about the performance of major systems and subsystems. The vision behind these embedded diagnostic tools is sound but the tools available to maintenance personnel and operations officers require near expert level understanding of how a system functions to make the resultant data understandable. Enhanced tools that turned this data into actionable information would prove valuable as defense agencies seek to increase the efficacy and efficiency of their O&M operations.

Readiness+ is a technology that applies ML throughout a system architecture to learn nominal operations, discern anomalies, and fuse this data into a cognitive system able to generate actionable information. Heron Systems envisions a suite of solutions tailored for each aspect of the operations and maintenance activities supporting major weapon systems. Each solution is designed for each user base but based on the same comprehensive database. Readiness+ creates smaller, agile tools that preserve organization-wide information sharing.

Readiness+ builds focused solutions for specific O&M users.


  • Consolidated database associating in-flight data, flight logs, maintenance reports, and other data sources.

  • Use unsupervised learning to extend toolset into low level sensor interpretation.

  • Communicates uncertainty and associates related data to complete the picture for users.

  • UI derived from mobile technologies